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Live at Sweet Rhythm

Craig Bailey, Tim Armacost Brooklyn Big Band



Evidence Records

Bailey's latest CD Music a La Fleek

Music a La Fleek_edited.jpg

My music is a mixture of Pop, Funk, Be-Bop Jazz and Modern Modal Music. Take note of the ensemble playing and intense soloing from each artist. I have taken some classic songs of our time and added my own modern harmony and groove to each selection

Bailey & Bailey Music

Music a La Fleek_edited.jpg
A New Journey_edited.jpg

Extended Discography

Nancie Banks Waves of Peace Album_edited.jpg

Waves of Peace

Nancie Banks Orchestra

Eljio Nakagawa.jpg

Eijiro Nakagawa & Funk '55

Tailor Made.jpg

Tailor Made

Bobby Watson

The Colossial.jpg

The Colossal Saxophone
King Record Co. Ltd
 of Japan
recorded at Sound on Sound, New York 

Tom Harrell.jpg

Time's Mirror
Tom Harrell


Passing Thoughts



2018 Music a La Fleek Craig Bailey Primary Artist

2010 After Hours: Moonlamps & Other Ballads 

2009 Live at Sweet Rhythm Tim Armacost / Craig Bailey Primary Artist

2009 My Best Jeff Ramsey Photography

2009 We Take No Prisoners Joris Teepe Reeds

2007 One Summer in Winters Jeff Alkire Flute, Flute (Alto)

2006 4 Compositions (Ulrichsberg)

2005: Phonomanie VIII Anthony Braxton Photography

2006 Metalix Matthias Lupri Photography 2004 John Stein Trio: Interplay John Stein Photography

2004 Transition Sonic Matthias Lupri Photography

2003 Inesperado Frankie Negron Sax (Alto)

2003 Rhythm Master Vince Ector Flute

2002 Conversation Pieces John Stein Photography

2001 Brooklyn Craig Bailey Primary Artist, Producer, Flute, Sax (Alto), Composer

2000 Last Thing On My Mind Finkers Layout Design

1999 Ear Candy Nancie Banks Arranger

1999 Fresh Set-O-Prints Finkers Layout Design

1999 Green Street John Stein Photography

1999 Time's Mirror Tom Harrell Guest Artist, Flute, Sax (Alto)

1998 Back to Front Tana/Reid Flute, Sax (Alto)

1998 Soaking Red The Tendrils Layout Direction

1998 Songs of Billy Strayhorn Ron Gill Photography

1997 Waves of Peace Nancie Banks Arranger, Flute (Alto), Saxophone

1995 A New Journey Craig Bailey Primary Artist, Liner Notes, Flute, Sax (Alto), Associate Producer, Composer

1995 The Colossal Saxophone Session Sax (Alto), Performer, Primary Artist

1994 Blue Motion Akira Tana Composer, Flute, Sax (Alto)

1994 Looking Forward Tana/Reid Flute, Flute (Alto), Sax (Alto), Composer

1993 Tailor Made Bobby Watson Saxophone

1992 Passing Thoughts Tana/Reid Sax (Alto)

 Thoughts On God Eric Person Flute, Sax (Alto), Soloist

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