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B and B Productions,2018

I     The Look of Love

II    Voyage

III   Tender Moments

IV   Good Pickins

V    Hurry Hurry 

VI   One for You and Three for Me

VII  Bgsg

VIII Bolivia

IX  Everybody Loves the Blues 

X    Ruby My Dear 

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Candid Records, 2009

I    Take the Coltrane

II   Brazilian Bop

III  My Blues 

IV  Announcement Funk 

V    Long Haired Girl 

VI   East of Enid

VII  Quiet Time 

VIII Animated 

Evidence Records, 2001

I    The Crux Of The Matter

II    Lena 

III   Along Came Betty

IV  Bailey's Bounce

V   Quiet Time

VI   It's The Nights I Like

VII  Home Made Blues

VIII Brooklyn

IX   Salute To Duke

X    Forbidden Love Affair

XI   The Journey Continues (C.B. #2)

C.B.#1.mp3Artist Name
00:00 / 07:51

Candid Records, 1995

I C.B No. 1

II What Would I Do Without You 

III Laura

IV Bells

V Cherokee

VI Soul Flower

VII Clasanova

VIII Lil Darlin"

 IX No Hip Hop

X Love Dreams

XI A New Journey 

Concrete Wall

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